Thursday, October 28, 2010

Been Away for Way too Long . . .

Hello Friends!

I have been out of the blog-o-shpere for a couple months now, and I feel a bit timid about coming back!
Grad school and working are eating up the majority of my time, but enough of my real-life friends have asked for a blog update to make me want to get back into it. I cannot promise that my blogging will consistent. Really, my style is nonexistent. Working with kids with special needs means simple, comfy clothes for getting dirty in. 

I have some other posts I need to put up, pictures and outfits from three lovely friends' weddings! That will be coming soon! (Hopefully!)

This outfit was worn to celebrate, my friend Janet's birthday. Her sister and husband rented a school bus and we all went wine tasting for the day. Super fun! Thanks Lori and Kevin! My friend Whitney took these pictures at our last winery.  

I knew it would be chilly on the bus and in the wineries. I wanted some layers, something comfortable, and cute. 

Jeans: Gap, Always Skinny
Blouse: Gap
Vest: cashmereGap
Coat: Vintage (I feel for the fur collar!)
Shoes: purchased somewhere in Paris

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