Friday, March 20, 2009

Mexico and Oldies but Goodies!

After having stayed away for a while, I decided it was high time for me to get back to the southwest. Maggie, MacKenzie, and Tory picked me up at the airport and we high-tailed it to Macayos for some Baja sauce. Sauce Nirvana! The next day we headed to Mexico! We spent the weekend drinking and Margaritas and various other frozen concoctions, swimming, and laying in the sun! Jimmy along with his sous chefs prepared amazing meals! We enjoyed Mangos with hot live sauce, banana boats (although not that much), and water slides. It was so wonderful to spend some uninterrupted time with such good, old friends. Sigh. Wish we were still there!


A Visit to Portland gave me a chance to head south before heading further south to Mexico! A touch of spring mixed with snow, rain, and wind gusts, made for a relaxing weekend with a good friend. I attempted to take reflection pictures of us in various windows around The the first dozen we simply did not reflect! Cars next to us, yes. Trees, flowers, and random dogs, yes. Us, no. A few dozen shots later, we reflected!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wild Sky Farm

These are some pictures from our Valentine's day trip to Wild Sky Farm (aka Dan and Brenda's farm). For the record, Nate is not hunting, just messing around with the bow.

This was a soggy Seattle morning. I took the dog for a walk and snapped a few shots of our Eastlake neighborhood.

Baby strawberry plants...waiting for Spring!

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